Unique and surprising

Weerribbenhome is located in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, a beautiful water-rich area with canals, lakes, reed beds, swamp forests, and quaking bogs. It is an ideal holiday destination for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. You can bring your own canoe, stand-up paddleboard, or rowboat and easily access the water from our platform.

Located in the rural area without direct neighbors, in a unique location between the Giethoornsemeer and Kalenberg at the edge of the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. From the apartment, you can step right onto the cycling and walking routes. Let yourself be surprised by the diverse landscape, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and perhaps even an "Otter." It is also a unique area for bird lovers, with several birdwatching huts.


The ‘Eendenkooi’ is an oasis of peace, quiet, and greenery. You can take a tour with a ranger from Staatsbosbeheer and get a behind-the-scenes look while learning about the ancient craft.

Walking and cycling
Weerribbenhome is centrally located in the Weerribben-Wieden, allowing you to easily cycle through the hidden paths and enter the national park, as well as easily reach nearby villages, such as the historic Blokzijl with its picturesque harbor. You can also take a boat trip or hike with a forest ranger, who can tell you a lot about the area.

Relaxing on and by the water
Enjoy the water's edge by swimming, fishing, or simply soaking in the scenery. You can do all of this directly at Weerribbenhome or explore the canals, narrow waterways, or the larger lake with your own boat, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard. Rentals are also available in the area.

Culinary delights
There are plenty of culinary experiences to be had nearby, including at the well-known "Geertien" and in Blokzijl with its various options. Our favorite spot is the Mauritshuis (old orphanage) and Restaria, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch, drinks, or a bite to eat. Don't forget to visit Kalenberg with its restaurant in the church.

Villages and cities
A visit to the beautiful villages and towns in the area (including Giethoorn, Blokzijl, Vollenhove, and Steenwijk) is definitely worth it. The local places also have their own museums and city walks. Don't forget to visit Wilhelminaoord, a colony village of the Colonies of Benevolence. Larger cities such as Meppel, Zwolle, and Heerenveen are also easily accessible from Weerribbenhome.

Ecological and organic (regional) products
You can easily pick up ecological products at Eko farm "De Eerste" shop within cycling distance: Eko boerderij “De Eerste”.

In short, a stay at Weerribbenhome offers many possibilities. We would be happy to tell you more!
Want to learn more? Visit www.visitweerribbenwieden.com.